Friday, September 21, 2007

More socks

I've been very busy knitting socks. Since the most recent post about socks, I've finished at least five pairs. I bought Cat Bordhi's new book, New Pathways for Knitters and the first sock I had to do was Coriolis. I knit it in a beautiful yellow-green yarn from Nature's Palette and while it dyed my fingers green, it looks beautiful and I love the way the spiral curls up the leg. For the next Coriolis I knit I will add a couple of plain rows before knitting the purl row for turning so that there isn't that little pook-out where the spiral ends.

The other sock, on my right foot, is Ambrosia by Anne Budd, published on Knitting Daily a while ago. I enjoyed knitting the cables and even got brave enough to do them without using a cable needle. I just dropped the stitches that needed moving, knit the appropriate stitches then picked the hanging stitches up with the needle and continued merrily along. I did have a problem with the socks though. The cable pulled the socks in so much that when I finished the heel I couldnt' get the socks on. After some consultation, I ripped the socks back to below the heel, and added many more stitches to make the instep bigger. It worked, although the socks are still a little tight around the instep. I need to wear them a bit to make them stretch.

I've also knit two pairs of socks using the Canadian dyeing company Hand Maiden - a delight to knit because it is so soft. I love the feel of the yarn, with it's blend of Merino, Cashmere, and nylon, and the socks are great. Both the socks are from New Pathways again - this time Upstream and Riverbed whose only difference is where the increases are - on the top for the first, and the bottom for the second. Upstream is the purple one, Riverbed the brown one. Riverbed was made for my husband and after I gave them to him to try on I told him he couldn't really wear them till after they were introduced at the next West Coast Knitters Guild meeting a couple of weeks from now. He was very dutiful and gave them back to me, even though I know he wanted to wear them. Shame on me.

Here's another pair I finished at least a month ago. I bought the yarn in Victoria, BC when I was there for the Fibre Fest. The yarn is Jitterbug. Too bad they are now a little too small for me, since I washed them. I love the colours.


Tallguy said...

Hahaha... you got one of those messages in your comments! I got it as an email; I have no idea where she got my address, but I have informed my server that this is Spam! She wants to get MY pattern for free and then sell the calendar? How stupid does she think I am?? But there will be someone that falls for it.

I am quite amazed by the number of socks you have knit! I know winter is coming, but you really don't need them that much on the coast... and you never stay there for winter anyway! They do make wonderful gifts, you know... for friends of yours that have to stay here in the deep freeze while you lay in the sun. Right??

Rabbitch said...

Aha, I found you!

And I see you've also been spammed by good ol' Susan. She got about 30 folks that I know of so far.

Thanks for coming out to play today -- that was fun!

Rabbitch said...

I can't find an email for you on here ... can you drop me a line at

Ghislaine said...

Great socks Nigel!
This is Ghislaine - I am André's friend. You asked him about my blog yesterday at the knitting group. You should be able to get there from here :)
Hope you are not too sad to be back from your travels. I look forward to more blog entries - your lace shawl was beautiful!

knitting dragonfly said...

I can't believe the number of socks you have made.
They are beautiful!