Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Knitting addict comes clean?

I decided this weekend that I was addicted to knitting. I didn't realize until then even though the symptoms were right out there in front of me. Had to have the needles in my hand, or if I didn't, had to be looking at a knitting book, or visiting a yarn store, or thinking about what I would like to knit. And if I didn't have knitting I was fretful and edgy. And I bit my nails. In fact I think the reason I need to knit is so that I don't bite my nails. After 56 years I need something to get over this terrible habit.

And I am not really that prolific. What about right now? I am knitting a sweater for a friend for Christmas. I have to have it finished and in the mail by December 1, because I'm leaving for Mexico for three and a half months on December 1. Mind you I started the sweater only a week and a half ago and I'm a long way. It's called Heavenly Camisole and is a design by Lucky Doan in the book Knitter's Stash which I borrowed from the library.

I'm knitting it with a Sage yarn from Lorna's Laces, in Shepherd Sport - it's probably too heavy for the design, but it does fit the guage and that's my main criteria anyway. It's a beautiful colour and I know it will be treasured by Midge. It's one of her favourite colours.

This sweater is knit on circulars - 270 stitches per row, the back half in stockinette and the front in a leafy lace pattern, with a 15 stitch repeat. At the moment I am knitting the upper front, having finished the major portion of the body. I only have about six more rows on that section and then I begin the front straps which should go nice and fast. Then I only have the back to knit, the shoulders to bind off, a couple of yarn ends to sew in and it's finished. A cinch. Not that the pattern is a cinch, I have had lots of fun working it out and correcting my errors as I go. I may be addicted, but I'm not perfect.

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Anonymous said...

I feel that way about spinning. I have to have something going on a couple of wheels at all times and a little spindle with me.

I took up knitting to cope with all the yarn I was producing.

Now, I have to have both with me - a knitting project and a spindle. Going out of town for more than two days means that one of my travel wheels and plenty of fiber has to be accomodated.

The biggest part of packing anymore is deciding what projects and equipment to bring along.