Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More hair pulling - I mean unknitting

I don't get it, I work on my knitting diligently but suddenly I have something screwy going on. Today I sat knitting with my friend Andre at Delany's Coffee Shop, beginning with my lace doily knit along. Made about three stitches and realized a) I was already having a problem knitting two together with the life line in the way, and b) it was too dark in the place to knit well. Since my two (no, four) cataract surgeries, I have had difficulty reading or knitting in low light. Maybe I should take one of those Itty Bitty reading lights with me in my knitting bag.

Anyway, decided it was safer to put the doily back in the pack and pull out the Heavenly Camisole. I was in the process of adding a new ball, but forgot so after getting the pattern worked out for the row I was knitting, I knit merrily along until I ran out of yarn - whoops. So I backed up, began again and got things moving - knit four rows of the first strap when I realized that back there where I had cast off four stitches for the neck, was a forlorn stitch that I'd left behind - I'm sure it felt like the little piggy that was left at home.

I was so p-o'ed that I just put the thing down and did a crossword puzzle instead. And then worked on a Sudoku. Better than swearing at a sweater that should be made with love. I'll get back at it tonight under my Ott light.

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