Monday, November 06, 2006

Blast from the past

I went shopping at a thrift store in Pentiction today and found these. I have a feeling some older person left her house to be cleaned up and the person doing the cleaning found these and delivered them to the thrift store. They were not there the last time I visited the shop about six weeks ago. It was odd to see these old needles, although a couple of them call them knitting pins instead (how British - or probably how Canadian since we are members of the Commonwealth).

Perhaps someone has some information about these that they can share - of course Aero is still available, but not in these wonderful packages. The backs have a lock so that the needles don't fall out. I picked up a size 14, a couple of 13's and a 12 as well as one 9. Not all the needles are original, and may not even be the same size in at least one package.

Also in the store were some old circulars with rather rough metal coiled lengths between the needles - they certainly would not give AddTurbos any competition. I left those in the store, although I did buy a couple of other circs that were not quite so old. Oh, and one last detail: I paid $1.00 for the the needle in the large pack and 50 cents each for the rest. Probably cheaper than the original.
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Paul said...

Those are VERY cool! I love the packaging. Thanks for the photos!