Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Me knitting

I wanted to have a picture in my profile. It doesn't seem so easy to do, but I did get one in. Now Idon't know if I can delete the picture here, but hey, why bother? I'm sitting in our friend's cabin working on my dragon scales washcloth. More to come on that soon, with pictures. It's a gorgeous evening, after rain; we had a lovely sun spell, and then, just as the sun was setting a flock of geese flew by past the trees, over the lake and back again. Silhouetted against the sky they were a magnificent sight.

I've gotten lots of knitting done here, as well as some thinking about some things I want to knit. I have an idea for a hat, I'm thinking about knitting a jacket, (which I'll have to design myself), I want to knit two hats as Christmas presents, I still have my felted clogs to think about. I may have to take knitting needles with me to Mexico so I can knit on the beach, in Puerto Vallarta at the Blue Chairs, over Christmas, or in the New Year, on the nude beach at Puerto Angel. (That should look funny.)

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Holli Yeoh said...

I'm jealous! You beat me to writing a blog! Good for you Nigel, I'm adding your blog to my list of regular reads.