Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dragon Scales and Country living

Our time in the country is at an end. It was a great getaway. We saw bighorn sheep on the way up four days ago, geese flying across the lake at sunset today, and lots of little quail, their topknots bobbing, running across the roads. And up here we had plenty of time to get in some good video watching, Mystery with the Inspector Lynley series, and tonight the first half of Painted Lady, a departure for Helen Mirren, but great television. (And there's even a gay character, although as it happens oh so often, we last saw him hanging, gagged and tied by a trick he picked up. But we think there's hope. We'll see when we watch the conclusion.)

Well, away from that gory image. I also got lots of knitting done and lots of ideas thunk through. Above you see my linen washcloth, which is another pattern from the Knitter's Stash book (home of the Heavenly Camisole). This one is in a lovely soft purple, although I've found that linen is not so soft to knit. I am promised that it will soften up in the wash. I will be the most expensively washed man after my swim workouts with the English Bay Swim Club, once this is finished. Since starting it today or was it yesterday? its at least double what you see here. I've given you two pictures, just because the lighting I used in them show the patterns differently and I thought that was worth a look. The yarn is Euroflax for those who were wondering and the pattern is called Dragon's Scales, which appealed to me. I have a feeling I saw it in one of those pattern books (Barbara W?) called Dragon Skin, but I haven't confirmed that.

I'm planning to make this piece at least a metre long - or rather, as long as I can make it with the yardage I have. That way I can use it to wash my back, that being the whole point.

Back to the city tomorrow, and my yoga class tomorrow night, my physio on Thursday - all those things I do to get my back back into shape. Posted by Picasa


Waikiki/Vancouver James said...

Aloha Nigel! Sitting here... eating my vegetarian meal from Okata Bento, ($4 buys a person TWO vegetarian sandwiches... best deal in Kaimuki) and dreaming of my upcoming trip to my Vancouver home.... and you guys! (did we tell you THIS week that we miss you two so very much?!?) Anyway... thought I better check my Canada-land e-mail address... and to my surprise found the blog information you sent me! To be honest, I'd been a bit confused about blogging.... but now that I see yours, I have a better understanding. It's always nice to see your knitting handywork.... and you know I do, to this day, still cherish the tooke (yea, still don't know how to spell that... but... the knitted cap), you made for me TWENTYSEVEN years ago! Yowsa...... that's a few years ago to be sure... eh!

I like the pictures of you that you posted.... but my favourite one still is when you were published in the Vancouver Sun..... That newspaper made it allll the way down here to the land of Aloha. We all enjoyed seeing our Nigel in print!

Well, should get back to work. Lots to do before I fly north to YVR in 46 hours, 10 minutes, (but who's excited and counting????)
Looking forward to melting some ice cubes with you and Geordie!

With Warm Aloha and Love,


Diane in Chico, cA said...

This is a great idea, Nigel (the long wash cloth). I'm a morning swimmer and I use a plastic scrubbie thing to get the smell of the pool off - everywhere except my back. I'm wondering if folding it over at the ends in order to make two mits would work - everywhere except my back.

Right, an expensive wash cloth, but you're worth it :-)